Talent Hub

Makeup studio is a platform for makeup artists to express their talents. The studio presents a variety of makeup artists who are different in their approach to beauty, where each artist has her unique touches. 

Clean culture

At makeup studio, we pride ourselves in implementing the top sanitation procedures to ensure your safety and comfort. Through this, we seek to elevate the hygiene standards in the market.



-               double-dip
-               apply directly from lipstick
-               use the original mascara wand



-               spray all powder products with 99% alcohol before every use
-               use disposable mascara wands
-               sanitize our spatulas and palettes
-               clean the brushes with high-quality sanitation products after every single customer
-               sanitize our hands before touching any customer




We take care of your skin before taking care of your makeup, because well-prepped skin is key to beautiful long-lasting makeup.

It’s about you

Your look reflects your style and elegance, so we cater your makeup to your personal preferences, bringing out the best version of you.