"The only drama I enjoy, is in my lashes"
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1. CONsultation

In order for us to present you in the way you like, we need to get to know you and your personality. What do you like? What kind of wedding are you going for? We always recommend brides go with a classic timeless look that will always look glamorous 50 years down the road, but we need to go with a look that suits you! After the consultation, we will brainstorm the perfect look for your wedding day.


2. prova

We will do our homework and come up with 3 looks that suit your style, personality, and wedding gown. We will use this prova time to demonstrate the 3 looks on you, and you will choose your favorite for the wedding day! We will keep a list of all the products used so you will get the exact look you request. You will go home with your makeup, test it out, and give us all your comments and feedback that we will take into consideration for your wedding day!


3. wedding

You will be completely comfortable on your wedding day as everything will be exactly as you expected, absolutely no surprises as we have previously tested everything!

All bridal bookings start with bridal consultations that can be booked with your favorite artist here or at 98882889